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Ruby on Rails For Dummies

Quickly create Web sites with this poweful toolUse this free and easy programming language for e-commerce sites and blogsIf you need to build Web and database applications quickly but you don’t dream in computer code, take heart! Ruby on Rails was created for you, and this book will have you up and running in no time. The Ruby scripting language and the Rails framework let you create full-featured Web applications fast. It’s even fun!Discover how toInstall and run Ruby and RailsUse the RadRails IDECreate a blog with RubyConnect your Web site to a databaseBuild a shopping cartExplore Ruby’s syntax


Author Name: Barry Burd

Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc

Ruby for Rails Ruby Techniques for Rails Developers

Ruby for Rails sounds like it might mean “…as opposed to regular Ruby,” a tool for dividing Ruby users into Rails and non-Rails camps. I saw it as the opposite: real Ruby, regular Ruby, on its own terms, but studied primarily because of what it can do for Rails developers. I was in a good position to understand the potential of this approach: I’d been programming in Ruby for almost four years before I started using Rails; and when I did start using it, I quickly gained a view of how a deeper knowledge of Ruby could help Rails programmers achieve their goals.


Deploying Rails Applications A Step-by-Step Guide

Ruby is an interpreted, dynamically typed language that presents real challenges in high-volume production settings, but the Rails framework has features and strategies that mitigate many risks associated with these challenges. The Rails caching model and performance benchmarking tools help developers to build high-performance sites.


FXRuby Create Lean and Mean GUIs with Ruby

FXRuby is a library for developing powerful and sophisticated crossplatform graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for your Ruby applications. It’s based on the FOX Toolkit, a popular open source C++ library developed by Jeroen van der Zijp. What that means for you as an application developer is that you’re able to write code in the Ruby programming language that you already know and love, while at the same time taking advantage of the performance and functionality of a fully featured, highly optimized C++ toolkit.


Ruby on Rails for PHP and Java Developers

The web framework Ruby on Rails for developing database based web applications provides a Model-View-Controller framework. The required web server WEBrick is included with Ruby on Rails. The framework is configured with the MySQL database by default, but may be configured with another database.
The book covers developing web applications with Ruby on Rails. Technologies discussed include Ajax, directory services, and web services. A comparison is made with PHP, the most commonly used scripting language for developing web applications.


Publisher: springer

free ebooks website

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