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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 with PHP: Training from the Source

This Adobe-approved, project-based guide from one of the world’s most popular web design authors, David Powers, will teach readers how to progress from designing static websites to building dynamic websites in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Using step-by-step instructions with projects that build on the knowledge acquired in each lesson, readers will learn about the new PHP features in Dreamweaver CS5, including the ability to work in Live View with WordPress, as well as extended support for PHP code hints, syntax checking, and dynamically related files. Readers will learn how to upload images and send email with attachments using the Zend Framework. In contrast to existing books on the Zend Framework, this book will show web designers and developers with little or no programming experience how to use selected modules to integrate dynamic features into existing sites. There is a strong emphasis on following security best practices. Readers will also learn progressive enhancement techniques for updating pages seamlessly with PHP and Ajax.

 Author Name: David Powers

Publisher: Adobe Press

Fireworks MX Bible

∗ Covers all Fireworks features, including new interface elements, the Properties Inspector, on–screen text editing, vector tools, new transparency and object layer tools, and more!
∗ Provides amazing tips for rollovers, layers, frames and slices.
∗ Shows how to take advantage of Fireworks′ excellent image compression, export options, and image tweening, plus its easy–to–use GIF animation engine.
Includes “Fireworks Technique” ideas such as Incorporating Rollovers in Image Maps and Mastering Creative Edges provide real–world examples throughout the book.
Shows how to work more effectively by taking advantage of Fireworks′ special integration with Dreamweaver and Flash.


Author Name: Joseph W. Lowery (Author), Derren Whiteman (Author)

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Essential CG Lighting Techniques with 3ds Max, 3rd Edition

Certified by Autodesk, Darren Brooker’s new edition teaches the production techniques behind real-world work. The tutorials take you from the fundamentals of lighting, right through to advanced techniques.

 Author Name: Darren Brooker

Publisher: Focal Press 2009

Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3

in Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3, authors Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis demonstrate how to use Dreamweaver CS3 and CSS together to create highly individualized, standards-based layouts. Through hands-on projects with visuals, the book gives readers an in-depth understanding of Dreamweaver’s 32 CSS-based layouts (new in Dreamweaver CS3) and their application, enabling every user of Dreamweaver to learn CSS effectively and easily.


Author Name: Stephanie Sullivan and Greg Rewis

Publisher: NEW RIDERS

The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS4 with CSS, Ajax, and PHP

The book covers all aspects of the new user interface, including workspace layouts, iconic records, related documents feature, Live View, Code Navigator, and live code. It also shows how to use the improved CSS editing functions, and JavaScript code introspection.
What you will learn
* Optimize your workflow with the related files toolbar, Live View and Code Navigator
* Bring your pages to life with Ajax widgets Spry, jQuery and the Yahoo! User Interface Library
* Use server-side includes, templates and Adobe InContext Editing online service
* Dynamic web applications with Dreamweaver to create PHP server behaviors
* Build real world web site functions, such as, for example, form validation, Random Quote Generator, search, user management / login pages, dynamic Ajax gallery, and much more
* Enjoy RSS feeds and create Spry data sets
* How to publish your website after you created it


Author Name: David Powers

Publisher: Apress Publications

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Recipes

Looking for timesaving ways to get frequently needed data-driven applications up and running? Look no further! In this book, you’ll find a primer for using data sources to connect your Dreamweaver pages to a database. Lowery and Ott then provide step-by-step instructions for creating 7 full-featured, professional-quality Web applications suitable for small to medium organizations. Follow the carefully constructed tutorials, and you can use them today- because all the files and code you need are available on the included CD! Better still, the explanations you’ll read will give you insight into why each step was taken so that you can extend any of the recipes to meet individualized needs.Recipes for the following full-feature applications: * User Login * Employee Lookup * Conference Room Scheduler * In/Out Dashboard * Time Cards * Journal * Mail Merge   Author Name: Joseph Lowery, Eric Ott

Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 in 24 Hours

Learn how to fully exploit the power of Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 with Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 in 24 Hours. Divided into 24 one-hour lessons, you will learn how to create webpages and how to use the latest and greatest toolset in this updated version of Macromedia Dreamweaver. Author Besty Bruce, a web applications developer and Macromedia-authorized Dreamweaver and Authorware Trainer, will show you how to build your knowledge of Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 and authoring websites with her carefully guided instruction. You will focus on how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 to:Quickly build a dynamic website.Employ client-side image maps and interactive forms.Design a layout with frames and tables.Add interactivity with scripts and controls.Add audio, video, and other active content.Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 in 24 Hours is fully updated to the newest version of Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, providing you with a comprehensive, up-to-date learning and reference tool.


Author Name: Betsy Bruce

ColdFusion Web Development with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004

ColdFusion MX Web Development with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004: The Practical User’s Guide explores the great web development partnership between ColdFusion, a fantastically powerful but easy to learn server-side scripting language and Dreamweaver, Macromedia’s world-class visual web-authoring tool. Using Dreamweaver you can set up your ColdFusion website, connect it to your database, put together all the code for the pages, and style them too, with very little hassle. This book is ideal for all the Dreamweaver users who want to quickly get up to speed with the fundamentals of ColdFusion.The book is heavily weighted with practical examples – starting by teaching the basics of the ColdFusion language, we then go on to show how to use ColdFusion to perform tasks such as connecting to databases, decision making, reading XML, queries, and error handling. Later on, we touch upon advanced topics such as creating ColdFusion extensions, custom functions, and Flash remoting (using Dreamweaver MX as the IDE). The book culminates with a large case study showing how to put this stuff all together in a fully operational real world dynamic website, demonstrating common web applications such as a blog, a reviews page, and user registration/login functionality.


Author Name: Jen deHaan, Peter deHaan, Massimo Foti, Curtis Hermann, Simon Horwith, Edoardo Zubler

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Certified Developer Study Guide

This is the definitive exam study guide that will help you review what you need to know to pass the Certified Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Developer Exam. Designed specifically to simplify exam preparation for intermediate to advanced Dreamweaver developers, each subject is presented in clear and direct language, with useful and well-explained code examples. The guide includes 24 concise, focused chapters with extensive notes, tips, and cautions. Each chapter concludes with sample questions and answers designed to facilitate review.Intermediate Dreamweaver developers will get the grounding they need to complete the Macromedia certification process, and veteran users will find coverage of all the new Dreamweaver 8 features you need to keep your certification up to date: visual authoring with XML data, improved CSS support for media types (unified panel, rendering improvements, layout visualization, and style rendering toolbar), integrated accessibility, improved WebDAV, and more.Coverage of the following Dreamweaver topics: * Design basics * Library items and extensions * Team collaboration * Layers and tables in page layout


Author Name: Sue Hove, Donald S. Booth

Foundation Web Design with Dreamweaver 8

Foundation Web Design with Dreamweaver 8 КНИГИ ;ДИЗАЙН и ГРАФИКА Автор: Craig GrannellНазвание: Foundation Web Design with Dreamweaver 8Издательство: friends of EDГод: 2006Формат: pdfРазмер: 24 mb Summary of Contents:Chapter 1: A New Kind of Web DesignChapter 2: Getting Started with DreamweaverChapter 3: Setting Up a WebsiteChapter 4: Web Page EssentialsChapter 5: Working with TextChapter 6: Working with ImagesChapter 7: Creating Navigation for Your WebsiteChapter 8: Web Page LayoutsChapter 9: Getting User FeedbackChapter 10: Putting It All into Practiceletitbit 85


Author Name: Craig Grannell

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